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Doncaster Driveway Cleaning provide high pressure cleaning and sealing services.


Hard surface cleaning and finishing

We pressure clean and seal driveways, patios, slabs, decking and concrete to look like new! We deliver quality work and offer excellent value for money.


Our services include driveway cleaning, patio cleaning, path cleaning, car park cleaning, playground cleaning, block paving cleaning, pressure washing, jet washing, tarmac cleaning, street cleaning, pavement cleaning and pattern imprinted concrete cleaning using rotary flat surface cleaners specifically designed for the job to give an even safe clean.

The removal of dirt, oil (subject to the length of time the oil has been on the surface and also the porosity of the surface), moss, algae and lichen on most hard surfaces both vertical and horizontal such as walls and fencing.

In most cases our high pressure cleaning system works using water and pressure with no need to use harsh chemicals, so its safe for children, pets, plants and the enviroment.


Sealing and Protecting

It is possible to seal most surfaces to keep them "like new" using the latest sealing techniques and approved protective coatings giving your flat surfaces for up to 5 years protection, inhibiting weeds, moss & algae. We are a Resiblock registered installer of sealants.

Doncaster Driveway Cleaning can restore your exterior surfaces back to their original condition. Our system cleans almost all hard surfaces for example block paving, crazy paving, tarmac, flag stones, concrete, pathways, decking, stone walls and coping stones. This process really brightens up the exterior of your property without costly alternatives such as replacement.



We use our flat surface cleaners to pressure clean decking in such a way that avoids damaging the wood before applying decking oil and protector bringing the whole area back to life.


Graffiti Removal

ECO safe clean graffiti removal on any surface removing spray paint, marker pen, ink, wax crayon etc

How much will it cost and how long will it take?

Cleaning prices start from £85.00 and are worked out on the square meter (m2) size of the area to be cleaned. Most area’s can be pressure cleaned within one day, an average two car monoblock driveway is around £95.00 to clean, finish and re-sand. We only use extra fine sterile kiln dried sand.


Clients only pay once the work is completed (a 50% deposit is required on all sealant jobs after the inital clean has be done).

"Patio Paving Cleaning & Sealing in Doncaster"

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"My driveway had become so dirt over the last 4 years but its so gradual you don't notice. Until I saw my neighbours driveway after cleaning. I wanted mine to look new again and thanks to Jonathan it now does!"

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